KPI & Measurement Framework

Identify, measure and monitor your brand’s performance against business critical metrics.

Annalect’s KPI & Measurement Framework provides a structured approach to measuring and monitoring the performance against critical brand and business metrics. The framework involves identifying the most critical metrics for success, setting goals and targets for those metrics, and tracking progress over time.

A well-designed KPI & Measurement Framework should align with the organization’s overall strategy and goals, provide clarity on how performance will be measured while also enabling data-driven decision making and optimization. It should be flexible enough to evolve over time as the business environment changes. The use of a KPI & Measurement Framework can help brands to optimize their operations, improve decision making and drive growth.


Clear understanding of the critical metrics that drive your brand’s success.

Get a structured approach to monitoring and measuring performance

Align your organization’s goals and strategy with your strategic partners day-to-day operations


We help youd define objectives, identify critical metrics, gather relevant data, and communicate with all stakeholders to ensure buy-in

In our workshop we establish clear guidelines and goals, facilitate open communication and collaboration among participants

We follow-up and compare results against baseline for each metric, set targets for improvement, track progress regularly, and adjust the KPI framework

How it works

Before a framework can be built, Annalect need to gain an understanding of the brands overall business strategy, how it impacts the growth opportunities and its go-to-market strategy. The process is initiated with an extensive workshop with employees from departments such as Marketing, Product, Sales, Tech/IT and E-Commerce as well as agency partners and other stakeholders.

Annalect experts will facilitate the workshop and ensure relevant output that will later be incorporated in the KPI & Measurement Framework. The final recommendations will be based on the advertisers key business KPIs and overall business goals, while also ensuring business performance optimization.

When the framework is defined and implemented, ongoing optimizations will take place and the insights goes straight into the overall business and media strategy to drive bottom-line growth. If the brand experience changing market conditions, a different competitive landscape or changing overall business goals, we will make amendments to the KPI & Measurement Framework to ensure relevancy.

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